[Rt-devel] is there a place in RT where I can view an HTTP REST request?

Kim Jones vtplymblfan-rt at yahoo.com
Wed May 27 12:51:11 EDT 2009


Is there a place in RT where I can add logging to
see what exactly RT is getting when it receives a REST request? Re a
place where I can print to the log the http reest being received.

I have posted in another earlier message to this board, I continue to
struggle with why when I make a REST request for a new ticket from PHP
CURL code the ticket gets made, but the custom field in the content of
the request does not get set. When I make what I believe is the exact
same request via an html form the ticket gets made and the custom field
gets set. 

So apparetly the PHP CURL request is not exactly the same as the
form request but for the life of me I cannot figure out how they are

Logging I have added elsewhere in RT indicates that
the CURL request is not resulting in the custom field being set due to
a permission issue. But why the form doesn't have this same issue I
don't know. Both methods are sending the same user name and password as
post args. And the custom field as a line in the content. Both request
are successful, but only the form method sets the custom field too.

So I thought I would try to examine what exactly RT is receiving in
either case and see what is different. I am trying to familiarize
myself with the code, and I gather that I should be able to look at the
request from one f the lib/RT/Interface files, but I am not sure. 

Have any of you had a need to examine an http request coming into RT and if so can you tell me how to do this?

Thanks sooo much!

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