[Rt-devel] Ticket Collection via List of Ticket IDs

Jerrad Pierce jpierce at cambridgeenergyalliance.org
Wed Sep 9 12:02:09 EDT 2009

> If only TicketSQL/DIBx::SearchBuilder supported IN(): id IN(37,42,86)
I actually took a stab at implementing this last night, and it's no mean feat
since you have to severly alter the parsing engine in RT::SQL (and
make some minor changes to RT::Tickets_Overlay).

Although not as elegant, nor as efficient for the db, I'm considering
creating an extension that uses an callback to turn the IN syntax into
an expanded OR alternation if nobody comes up with anything better.
Alas, that'd only change simple search/query string processing, and not
Ticket Builder/ Advanced Edit, which is where I most often need IN() myself...

... Queue NOT IN ('Spool', 'SPAM', 'TODO')

I'll try to checkout the Jifty::DBI patch too, to see if it does enough of
the heavy-lifting.

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