[Rt-devel] A couple of API questions

Fran Fabrizio fran at cis.uab.edu
Wed Sep 23 13:58:37 EDT 2009

Kevin Falcone wrote:
> On Wed, Sep 23, 2009 at 11:20:16AM -0500, Fran Fabrizio wrote:
>> 1. I would like the users to be able to select one or more queues as 
>> input for the report.  Right now I am doing a SelectQueue Element, which 
>> only allows the choice of one queue.  What would be the best way to 
>> achieve "select one or more queues" functionality?  I browsed the 
>> available Elements and nothing jumped out on first pass.
> You'll probably need to make a custom selectqueue for that
Ok, I'll try to start from SelectQueue and see if I can make sense of 
how to create custom Elements.

>> [SNIP]
> You want the Load function, which you can find implemented on a number
> of objects and also in DBIx::SearchBuilder.

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