[Rt-devel] Patch to allow alternate REMOTE_USER variable for WebExternalAuth.

Jason A. Smith smithj4 at bnl.gov
Thu Sep 24 15:08:09 EDT 2009

We are are testing WebAuth with RT and for it to work with
WebExternalAuth, I needed to have RT look for a variable name different
than the default REMOTE_USER.  Since Apache reserves REMOTE_USER for its
own purposes, WebAuth cannot use that variable.  So, we have our WebAuth
server set a different variable which contains the user's login name.
The attached patch adds an additional config variable and changes the
WebCanonicalizeInfo function to return the value of that variable, if
specified, or the default REMOTE_USER if not set.

I tested this with our WebAuth server and rt-3.8.5.


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