[Rt-devel] RT 3.8.8 RC3 availabled for testing.

Joop JoopvandeWege at mococo.nl
Wed Apr 21 03:33:27 EDT 2010

Ruslan Zakirov wrote:
> 81d4da0c8de86bbafffd8498b621072da852991e  rt-3.8.8rc3.tar.gz
> 4b206252d7c32b9755fe0d86427a52d08702ed5b  rt-3.8.8rc3.tar.gz.sig
> Changes since RC2:
> * DBD::Oracle 1.22 is marked as bad and `make testdeps` should fail,
> as well as `make install`
Did you test this Ruslan or did you copy what I wrote since I did not 
say that 1.22 is bad. 1.23 is bad and 1.24 is good. Just to make sure I 
have run a complete cycle of ticket creation and replying to it to see 
if anything is weird. Also created a user and no problems sofar.

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