[Rt-devel] RT 3.8.9rc1 available

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Dec 29 17:45:11 EST 2010

I'm happy to announce that RT 3.8.9rc1 is now available for testing from:


SHA1 sums

e5877169f98b71334e81dc5a0fcbb57a708220a8  rt-3.8.9rc1.tar.gz
1097b8dacdd6ebedfd77757d7231120e1592cf1d  rt-3.8.9rc1.tar.gz.sig

This release contains numerous bugfixes in the 6 months since RT 3.8.8.
A full changelog will accompany the final release.  I've attached an abbreviated
log of the changes since 3.8.8


2dfb3db bump version number for 3.8.9rc1 (Kevin Falcone)
9f9e70a main_content maybe empty (sunnavy)
6e223ea try to convince people to use this (Kevin Falcone)
071d5d9 Be more forceful about usage of this script (Kevin Falcone)
1d061b4 a few quick cleanups noticed while I was working on the 4.0 readme (Kevin Falcone)
5d0d9ce Load up safe_run_child before using it (Kevin Falcone)
0e9297d Log an error, but don't die when there are invalid Scrips (Kevin Falcone)
d158630 be consistent with 4.0 (cherry picked from commit 4069372f8de3563e0a11bd47be722678bd1c01cf) (sunnavy)
ceea940 Merge branch '3.8-trunk' into 3.8.9-releng (Kevin Falcone)
bb0d89d Sync from launchpad (Kevin Falcone)
9c0e75c Load the module before we use it (Kevin Falcone)
b09d48a regex fix to actually match (Kevin Falcone)
00ed25e Merge branch 'protect_mod_perl_stdout' into 3.8-trunk (Alex Vandiver)
f7a66ac Make sure to escape the entire CF name (Thomas Sibley)
e0819e6 Make clearing <hr>s less space-hungry (cherry picked from commit 0e31592b0e2abbd9ca4156604b710d12399de5be) (Thomas Sibley)
e2343ef Revert "Reduce whitespace on bottom of boxes by hidding the hr..." (Thomas Sibley)
f108641 Make sure preferences widgets clear the ones before them (Thomas Sibley)
f2332fa SuppressAutoOpenOnUpdate (Shawn M Moore)
30a71f4 Small warnings avoidance for tests (Jesse Vincent)
f1c7518 Doc typo (Emmanuel Lacour)
f6f4a9e Fix incorrect update message (Kevin Falcone)
e69d1ae Escape database names passed to mysql's GRANT, for databases containing _ or % (Alex Vandiver)
3415cf7 For MySQL, stop dropping privileges when we grant our own ACLs (Alex Vandiver)
0944cdd Merge branch '3.8-edit-custom-fields-enhancements' into 3.8-trunk (Thomas Sibley)
c7884e6 Prefix the CF name and type classes to avoid conflicts (Thomas Sibley)
7f129b0 Merge branch 'decode_words_rework' into 3.8-trunk (Alex Vandiver)
70cf6c5 Remove the mistaken addition of DevelMode to siteconfig (Jesse Vincent)
c0eb022 Better page name for user key management page (Jesse Vincent)
fcb23d7 UI improvements for key management (Jesse Vincent)
1826f20 ACLing for Private/Public key methods (which aren't accessible through a non-ACLed codepath, but better safe than sorry) (Jesse Vincent)
88d2fa8 Fix a variable name in lib/RT/User_Overlay.pm (Jesse Vincent)
5cfe42f Add two callbacks to ModifyAll.html (Matt Zagrabelny)
88d18cd Add slightly better diagnostic information on a slightly misconfigured GnuPG setup. (Jesse Vincent)
96af87f Merge a couple lost commits from branch 'timezones_in_charts' into 3.8-trunk (Alex Vandiver)
89e6992 Fix permission issue that allows everyone with SeeCustomField right to modify the existing customfield values (closes: #16089) (Emmanuel Lacour)
a13aa11 Add some extra scrip logging when debugging (Kevin Falcone)
07407fb Add EditCustomFieldsSingleColumn config option (Kevin Falcone)
93d684c Add classes and ids to the Custom Field Editing page (Kevin Falcone)
a43cc31 Provide a default saved search option with no value (Thomas Sibley)
fafce42 Replace older login infrastructure from a few test files with RT core login routines that don't break on new WWW::Mechanize (Jesse Vincent)
1c02719 Fix t/web/ticket_txn_content.t by actually making Transaction->ContentObj recurse on multipart/mixed. (Jesse Vincent)
3d58212 Use the ShowUser element more often for consistent user display (Thomas Sibley)
90f5d4e Silence some uninit warnings (Thomas Sibley)
5f5935f Ensure that signatures are loaded on Jumbo (Kevin Falcone)
fe9ac7a Add a callback after the requestor textbox in Ticket/Create (Matt Zagrabelny)
c252120 Show errors inline like EditCustomFields (Kevin Falcone)
e4e90f4 This prevents you from creating Transaction Custom Fields (Kevin Falcone)
fb836bf Postgres 9 changed their default representation of BYTEA values. RT expects the older "Escape" version. Use that instead. (Jesse Vincent)
7d9ba2a Add Transaction type to CSS classes in Ticket history for easier local theming (Jesse Vincent)
0575522 Merge branch 'redirect-after-login' into 3.8-trunk (Thomas Sibley)
432df1d no need to ajax more than once (sunnavy)
10572e2 Also show The Basics link on SelfService with right ReplyToTicket (Thomas Sibley)
280bdc1 Link the Basics title in SelfService/Display.html to the Update page (Matt Zagrabelny)
d37f3e9 Delete next page hashes from the session as we use them (Thomas Sibley)
a878207 Tests for the new login flow (Thomas Sibley)
a813943 If we're adding the hostname to a relative URL, also add the port (Thomas Sibley)
e71c90f Do the right thing with //Ticket/Display.html when it's the REQUEST_URI (Thomas Sibley)
6fa0a4e Fix passing login errors when on / (Thomas Sibley)
23a912a Don't show login errors as a bulleted list (Thomas Sibley)
87408ef Refactor the "error and tangent" pattern to a method (Thomas Sibley)
fbf7e70 Add more entropy to the next page hash and yes, we need to ++ the session (Thomas Sibley)
917c211 Redirect to the desired page after logging in a user (Thomas Sibley)
87e5c15 Also bail out of the rich text editor for the iPad (Thomas Sibley)
5e90c85 make content html to test more (sunnavy)
6c44641 don't corupt queries with negative not-quoted numbers (Ruslan Zakirov)
90e89d2 Fix a template content type bug when relying on $PreferredContentType (Thomas Sibley)
0c49748 Updated RedHat layout: (Lyle Ross)
94e96b4 case fix: the other 2 use lower cases (sunnavy)
13b6c93 make Approver->Name change in upgrade (sunnavy)
3fcf977 customize out_method to encode right (sunnavy)
f7b602e tweak a tiny bit (sunnavy)
89a15cc Try safeguarding against searches without ->Content (Shawn M Moore)
8342cef missing a Approver->Name change (sunnavy)
7eab3d7 missing a closing div tag (sunnavy)
8105bc6 Logic bug in bin/fastcgi_server; allow use of --port. (Tom Lanyon)
cae63fc change bookmark toggle from id to class so we can toggle more elements (sunnavy)
38e5295 typo fix (Kevin Falcone)
d1315a5 regression test for the SetObjectType and SetObjectId of RT::Attribute (sunnavy)
53d5b8f can not do SetObjectType and SetObjectId orderly to an attribute, as they affect the Object arg HasRight will focus on: do the check before instead (sunnavy)
2069381 Fix some recently introduced Bulk Update regressions (Thomas Sibley)
32149cd Merge branch '3.8-approvals-queryfix' into 3.8-trunk (Kevin Falcone)
e27e530 Make it possible to add or modify the Quick Search conditions (Kevin Falcone)
aca690c Revert "Reverse createticket logic in SelfService:": this is already fixed in 3.9-trunk (Emmanuel Lacour)
2220a66 Yet another pod typo (Emmanuel Lacour)
3a7564f Doc typo. (Emmanuel Lacour)
a76de24 Reverse createticket logic in SelfService: (Emmanuel Lacour)
79f29ac need HTTP::Server::Simple::Mason 0.14 (sunnavy)
032e19a $Approver->Name is more precise (sunnavy)
b5aabe8 Fix quoting error that leave a default value of "/" for new subject in bulk update (Emmanuel Lacour)
0307825 Pass ids when _Set'ing an INTEGER column (Kevin Falcone)
9758064 admincc test of approval (sunnavy)
7240e1a Fix a dumb case sensitivity mistake (Kevin Falcone)
bc978ca We shouldn't need to dedupe anymore (Kevin Falcone)
e69223f Order the Approvals (Kevin Falcone)
ae634b7 Update from RT2 code (Kevin Falcone)
b7e5779 Fix a bug that makes unable to remove first item in search format (Emmanuel Lacour)
a72ae44 Respect the passed in value before deciding the ticket should be new (Kevin Falcone)
d994264 Create a BeforeUpdate callback (Kevin Falcone)
16002dc Expose $check_failure to "Initial" Callback on ticket update (Emmanuel Lacour)
5b54fb6 tweak the bar_spacing according the the number of bars (sunnavy)
c0cc3c9 Translating function names leads to pain (RT 15488) (Kevin Falcone)
702cdf8 make sure scrip not updated with invalid action/condition/template (sunnavy)
3adb6b7 make charset to utf-8 by default in /Ticket/Attachment/* (sunnavy)
5206cbd test for /Ticket/Attachment/* (sunnavy)
388f70f warning fix: ContentLength maybe empty (sunnavy)
45fdf50 there should be 2 counts, one for plain and html, respectively (sunnavy)
41451bb test for encoding of html template (sunnavy)
6ad50e8 fix the encoding bug of text/html template (sunnavy)
a17642a make ContentAsMIME head's Content-Type.charset consistent with body (sunnavy)
5107a79 Cluck will warn out a stacktrace and then crit a 1 (Kevin Falcone)
8df6a6a we have "System Error" category, use that instead (sunnavy)
6b676ab show the datetime with user's timezone in /Approvals/ (sunnavy)
5bc33b2 add LOCAL_ETC_PATH/rt.conf search path before /etc/rt.conf, see #15372 (sunnavy)
1b7781c make error msg to end users a bit friendlier (sunnavy)
2442417 die webmux.pl if major&minor version in loaded RT is inconstent with RT that generated this webmux.pl, see also #15375 (sunnavy)
840856f log the error if any in safe_run_child (sunnavy)
b4121d9 tiny warning fix (sunnavy)
67bd88f in case title is not defined (sunnavy)
073bb23 Update copyright for 2010 (Thomas Sibley)
d72af7c add LastUpdatedBy column for search results with .tsv (sunnavy)
3f9318c Actually install rt-attributes-viewer (Kevin Falcone)
e9cf880 remove po updates as it will be merged down from 3.9 (sunnavy)
2a3a8af make Scalar::Util error seen to mason_handler.fcgi (sunnavy)
d6f36a5 sync .po files with launchpad (sunnavy)
5b67ee5 update po (sunnavy)
4409d6e Drop the RTAddressRegexp down to a debug message so it stops complaining on any script being run on every RT instance on the planet. (Jesse Vincent)
2818c11 Reword "Current Password" to cut down on user misunderstanding (hopefully) (Jesse Vincent)
c0e182d bump File::Temp requirement to 0.19 for ->newdir (Chia-liang Kao)
6d14f53 preview recipients for rule-based sendemail actions. (Chia-liang Kao)
2938e11 Provide rules reader for RT::Transaction. (Chia-liang Kao)
5cc7375 we mistakenly were reporting megabytes as bytes (Ruslan Zakirov)
ae6c5a0 stupid typo fix (sunnavy)
e9ba8bb missing <tr></tr> tags (Ruslan Zakirov)
be54c4a use LimitNotEmpty method as on Oracle CLOB != '' is bad (Ruslan Zakirov)
88396de Better document what this feature does (Kevin Falcone)
9a9514e Better wording for this config warning (Kevin Falcone)
4313c4b better msg for the 'can not parse links' error (sunnavy)
fbbea56 not allow heading and trailing spaces for CustomFieldValues, as ObjectCustomFieldValues doesn't allow that anyway (sunnavy)
c8f0e72 Fix "update" permissions for SavedSearch that allowed people to modify a group saved search without EditSavedSearches on it (Emmanuel Lacour)
d939415 Don't say a saved search has been deleted if it's not true because user has no right to do it. (Emmanuel Lacour)
79599d4 Show CustomField configuration tab only if user has right to change something (broken behaviour in previous commit) (Emmanuel Lacour)
4b18e2f New right "AdminCustomFieldValues" on Customfields to allow delegation of adding/modifying/removing CustomFields Values (Emmanuel Lacour)
45a18e0 tweak AdminComment template: remove /^RE:\s*/, also spaces after [Comment], see also #14924 (sunnavy)
8a5647b escape < and > for graphviz labels (sunnavy)
6e3a9d9 upgrade script that deals with local links that are not local (Ruslan Zakirov)
977e435 make t: links just an alias for fsck_com_rt:, fix local detection (Ruslan Zakirov)
b0833b8 add links API tests (Ruslan Zakirov)
0d4ee78 retab + minor refactoring (Ruslan Zakirov)
708a2ba Callback for changing the default queue in SelectNewTicketQueue (Shawn M Moore)
4122831 Document the "testfile" option for $MailCommand (Thomas Sibley)
6b77b01 Add 2 callbacks to autohandler: Session and Final (Thomas Sibley)
560496d Only set testfile output once per process (Alex Vandiver)
920c132 record send email error if possible (sunnavy)
e57b44c die $msg so we can check $@ to see if there is any error (sunnavy)
acf7549 Verbiage fixes (Shawn M Moore)
f94e7ec Fix a typo in the documentation (Alex Vandiver)
d24de30 check must_redo_search when calling SUPER::_DoSearch as it may cause deep recursion (sunnavy)
0e4ce5c Shrink scrips may take long time, so print progress as percent. (Emmanuel Lacour)
e3d012c The branch that added this config option was never merged (Kevin Falcone)
ef7a0ec minor test cleanups to use API (Ruslan Zakirov)
ff38e3b new gnupg tests to check special cases and regressions (Ruslan Zakirov)
73756bb outlook 2010 has the same problem as 2007 (sunnavy)
58dfb2b fix the \n\n bug in mail outlook sends (sunnavy)
aa6a2ba tests for the \n\n bug in outlook (sunnavy)
b6aae89 Makes members in "group members" page, html links to their informations. (Emmanuel Lacour)
71fef54 Doc: add information in User Create/Modify page that setting the user to be able to receive right is the same as "Privileged". (Emmanuel Lacour)
ac6d4ca RT::Init() needs to run before use RT::Tickets; (Kevin Falcone)
ac1049b remove path part of filename of attachment (sunnavy)
1a068ee attachment's filename test (sunnavy)
297ba4f rename a testfile to make it shorter (sunnavy)
f957ec0 Make the Transaction object available in the template since we document that you can use it in a CreateTickets template (Kevin Falcone)
13ea1b7 Un-TODO a test which has been passing since a6e855c (Alex Vandiver)
d1cb060 Fix typos in what looks like "approvals" documentation so people won't copy/past bad template (Emmanuel Lacour)
0a79e9c reapply 6a9eed792, with tiny tweaks (sunnavy)
57f4e6d add ticket_txn_content.t to test 6a9eed79 (sunnavy)
9b3f0b3 Better text alignment in the new "password change" widget (Jesse Vincent)
cd34c6c transmit Anchor arg for redirect (sunnavy)
df2885a tests for unread message anchor (sunnavy)
b986cfd add tranaction_content.t (sunnavy)
efb51ca Fix truncated top values in Chart display (closes: #14881) (Emmanuel Lacour)
16391db add test for wrong mime charset (sunnavy)
3e10e09 back 3c82cc: see #14415 (sunnavy)
072d157 back out 6a9eed792190: we need more tests (sunnavy)
6a9eed7 tweak Type arg of Transactio::Content(Obj): we never respect text/plain, just use the textual one, see also #14420 (sunnavy)
3c82cc4 reorder reply/comment in ticket history to make it consistent with menus: see #14415 (sunnavy)
3e9597c Config generation failure, fix the var name (Kevin Falcone)
5e7d1b0 When you come up to rt-3.8.8 and it starts warning at you, generate a dumb regexp from the Queue.CorrespondAddres/CommentAddress and config options. (Kevin Falcone)
f2d703a Setup script and instruction to shrink transactions table from useless records created in the past by Group::_CreateACLEquivialenceGroup (Emmanuel Lacour)
185751a Don't record useless transactions for ACL equiv. groups (Emmanuel Lacour)
3630286 Don't search for disabled queues in simple search (Emmanuel Lacour)
747595b tweak the page number to make sure it's valid (sunnavy)
64b4407 list of groups of which user is a member of should not be paged (sunnavy)
9b038a5 small fix (sunnavy)
7f9682e reverse 54bbed2a1, and comments to the possibly misleading code (sunnavy)
92a1e0f revert 725318d6 as it breaks gnupg part badly (sunnavy)
2338cd1 security fix: clone the ticket to set CurrentUser (sunnavy)
4fe4646 use empty hash instead to get rid of circular references: see #14853 for details (sunnavy)
f670bf8 keep link inputs only if to "Add More Attach" (sunnavy)
6c11fd1 update zh_CN.po for summary and body (sunnavy)
6f39fad update po files (sunnavy)
2ca3b20 add /m since regex contains $ (sunnavy)
80e74af add loc comment for "body" and "summary" (sunnavy)
8f4a1b1 exclude share/fonts for extract-message-catalog (sunnavy)
75f9482 make nobody ahead of the sorted list, see #14295 (sunnavy)
58fd241 a bit comment to make code clear (sunnavy)
6412ba2 using Web{Domain, Port and Path} should be enough these days (Ruslan Zakirov)
2ddc4d9 we don't need set MailCommand, redine it a few lines later (Ruslan Zakirov)
76122fc bootstrap_logging in RT::Test and debug log in tmp dir (Ruslan Zakirov)
a2704c9 fixed one ahah.js issue that occurs if there are more than 1 include pages: see bug #14296 for details (sunnavy)
e58e7c9 update example to use a real condition module (sunnavy)
7f965fb there are 4 types of watchers (sunnavy)
37046b2 tweak css ul#page-menu for ie6 (sunnavy)
29fd58b Merge branch '3.8.8-releng' into 3.8-trunk (Ruslan Zakirov)
f16666e don't pass after_open argument further, it's local (Ruslan Zakirov)
c2cc19d bulk updates: set default values from %ARGS because we may click the "Add More Files" (sunnavy)
5b24057 tweak css of ul#page-menu to not overlap with the following elements by limiting height and using overflow:auto (sunnavy)
e65953a reset to orig str before the subsequent from_to (sunnavy)
49fa675 Encode::from_to don't die unless we tell it to. see also #7126 (sunnavy)
54bbed2 tiny fix: 'utf-8' should be RT->Config->Get('EmailOutputEncoding') (sunnavy)
09c4707 localize env for mod_perl (sunnavy)
03e2097 apply order when sorting is not allowed, but arg is there (Ruslan Zakirov)
f3ec543 mention binary character set in UPGRADING.mysql (Ruslan Zakirov)
6bb3395 Add a user preference for Update Type on Resolve (Matt Zagrabelny)
a4e84d4 we must avoid DBD::Oracle 1.23, not 1.22 (Ruslan Zakirov)
5b9cc9c pass header name into DecodeMIMEWordsTo* (Ruslan Zakirov)
6f79935 DecodeMIMEWordsToEncoding: apply quoting trick only to some fields (Ruslan Zakirov)
6eff0bf $enc and $encoding are confusing => s/enc/to_charset/ (Ruslan Zakirov)
01fa70c localize $@ as we don't throw it further (Ruslan Zakirov)
8d1edfb pass rest from DecodeMIMEWordsToUTF8 further and use explicit return (Ruslan Zakirov)
ceae04d don't use @_, but 'my @list', very confusing (Ruslan Zakirov)
725318d revert to the old stdout explicitly (sunnavy)
ea2f91d don't add the extra space for multiple values in Form::compose (sunnavy)
c8cd34f loose the split /,/ to split/\s*,\s*/ (sunnavy)
54c62fa insert extensions' schemas and acls as DBA (Ruslan Zakirov)
252006a RFC2616 date formatter was incorrectly respecting timezones (Ruslan Zakirov)
4a2cf50 merge message catalog from launchpad and update from source (Ruslan Zakirov)
640d695 register new command and defaults for new options (Ruslan Zakirov)
c513846 support `... rosetta --boundary ##` option (Ruslan Zakirov)
e02b2b3 clean command that deletes all not referenced (Ruslan Zakirov)
bb109e3 support --keep argument in shrink command and account not referenced strings (Ruslan Zakirov)
b04ef1e don't account not referenced strings in stats (Ruslan Zakirov)
3d11b14 rt-message-catalog script replaces old and adds new commands (Ruslan Zakirov)
b1b0b32 tiny clarification in error message (Ruslan Zakirov)
b89a604 protect FD #1 under mod_perl 2 (Ruslan Zakirov)
7e1535c usually sendmail doesn't print anything to stdout (Ruslan Zakirov)
50952df Quick copyediting pass (Kevin Falcone)
b542a56 remove debugging (Kevin Falcone)
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