[Rt-devel] RT 4.0.0rc1 available

Alexander Finger af at genevainformation.ch
Thu Dec 30 14:36:59 EST 2010

> for each of the ones which failed to built.

> There's no need for that.  You can just run make fixdeps again and it
> should do the right thing.

"did not work for me", that's why I resorted to dig into the cpan directory.
Cpan just said "I downloaded this already and it failed to build..".

> > I do however get a
> >
> > Can't call method "FirstAttribute" on unblessed reference at
> > /opt/rt4/share/html/Elements/Header line 86.
> >
> > When I start the rt-server and try to connect to it. I did not get to
> > look into it yet.
> Yep, this is a known issue with the web installer that's been fixed
> since RC1 was released.  If you follow the README steps to configure RT
> manually you will avoid the issue.



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