[Rt-devel] rt-4.0.0rc1 and MySQL 5.5.8

Odhiambo Washington odhiambo at gmail.com
Fri Dec 31 05:42:33 EST 2010

Has anyone seen and solved the problem below? All my efforts at Go-ogle have
yielded no solution.

mail# make initialize-database
/usr/bin/perl -I/opt/rt4/local/lib -I/opt/rt4/lib sbin/rt-setup-database
--action init --dba root --prompt-for-dba-password
In order to create or update your RT database, this script needs to connect
to your  mysql instance on localhost as root
Please specify that user's database password below. If the user has no
password, just press return.

Working with:
Type:   mysql
Host:   localhost
Name:   rt4
User:   rt3xuser
DBA:    root
Character set 'latin1' is not a compiled character set and is not specified
in the '/usr/local/share/mysql/charsets/Index.xml' file
Failed to connect to dbi:mysql:;host=localhost as user 'root': Can't
initialize character set latin1 (path: /usr/local/share/mysql/charsets/)***
Error code 255

Stop in /usr/home/wash/Tools/RT/RT-4/rt-4.0.0rc1.

Best regards,
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