[Rt-devel] Possible bug in Rt 3.8.7 SelfService ?

Bram rtdevel at lists.wizbit.be
Mon Jan 11 04:54:42 EST 2010

> Are you sure of the code or did I do something
> wrong?

The problem is that apache itself also listens to the USR1 signal...

Update the code to: (replace USR1 with USR2)

      $SIG{USR2} = sub {
          my $i = 0;
          $RT::Logger->debug("Recieved USR2 signal; dumping stack!");
          while (my @c = caller($i)) {
             $RT::Logger->debug("STACK: $i: " . join(" & ", @c));
         $RT::Logger->debug("Stack dupmed");
         die "the end";

and then use  kill -USR2 pid_of_process

Best regards,


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