[Rt-devel] Migration to 3.8.7 feedback

L B bertignac at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 11:44:22 EST 2010

Hi all,

 Just to let you know that I migrated many RTs from 3.6.6 or 3.8.2 to
3.8.7, and everything went fine. Database upgrades were working
perfectly, thanks for your job !

All the instances are installed with these plugins :
- A new theme (modifed web2 css, modifed version of Logo,Footer,Login elements)
- BecomeUser
- EmailCompletion
- ExternalAuth (with AD)
- PriorityAsString
- PasswordReminder (for non-AD users)
and some of them with CommandByEmail, or escalation stuff.

Some of them have also a little trick in local/html/Ticket/Update.html
to display the ticket history below the original content of this page
(requested by some users, I don't give details here, it's easy to do).

Regarding RT itself, I have different instances with different
communities of users, and many of them had the same complaint:  RT now
displays the Realname instead of the name.

I changed it easily in rt/local/html/Elements/ShowUserConcise but, I
don't know if we are an exception, some teams have defined in their RT
the realname as a generic name, for example "Helpdesk". They did this
to be anonymous when they send emails, but with the new realname
stuff, they had only "Helpdesk" entries in the dropdown list, when
assigning a ticket for example. A small modification in
local/html/Elements/ShowUserConcise fixed this.

Another trick I used: our RT are reachable with a url finishing by
.net for internal users, and .com for external users. There was a
problem here to reference the LogoURL icon (internal users didn't want
to load it via the .com URL (they would need to go through the proxy
and get warnings + poor performance), and external users can't load a
.net URL). Instead of defining the hardcoded URL in LogoURL in
RTSiteConfig.pm, I modified Logo element file to use as a source
"https://".$ENV{'HTTP_HOST'}.RT->Config->Get('LogoURL')%>" and
modified my LogoURL variable accordingly. And it works.

I wanted to give you this feedback to let you know how people use your tool!

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