[Rt-devel] Accessing comment REST interface

Soichi Hayashi hayashis at indiana.edu
Fri Jan 22 16:35:08 EST 2010

Hi. I have posted this question on rt-user mailing list but I have not
gotten an answer so I hope nobody mind re-posting here..

Can RT developer add a section on following documentation
(http://wiki.bestpractical.com/view/REST) for accessing Ticket/comment
interface? Although this interface is used by RT/Client/Ticket lib, it
is not documented anywhere and I have not succeeded to reverse
engineer this perl library to figure out how this interface can be
used by my application written in Java.

I've been struggling with this for last couple of days and this is
preventing me to write a ticket exchange system used by Open Science
Grid with handful of RT based support centers. I and other in our
community will be appreciated if someone could help me with this.

Soichi Hayashi

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