[Rt-devel] Custom fields as dates patch

Ivan Kohler ivan-rt-devel at 420.am
Tue Jul 20 15:11:40 EDT 2010

Hi RT devs,

One of my customers requested the ability to have custom fields with 
date values.  After some googling around I started with the patch at 

There was a minor hiccup with the patch vs. current 3.8.8 but it was 
trivial to manually resolve.

The results are working well in terms of editing and showing the fields, 
but I'm having some difficulty with searching.  Specifically:

1. I'm able to add the field to the search criteria, and the selection 
seems to work fine in that it has a before/on/after dropdown and date 
selection.  It adds a portion to the query that looks like 
"CF.{field name} < '2009-07-01 12:07'".  However, it doesn't 
seem to actually take effect with regard to the search results.  Tickets 
with empty values and dates after the value are still shown.

2. Once I've added the custom field to the search, clicking on "Edit 
Search" brings me back to the "Advanced" page with the two textareas 
instead of the "Query Builder" page I would expect. 

I don't want to duplicate work that's already been done, so before I 
jump in and start fixing things, just wondering if anyone else has 
worked on this already.

I see the patch is slated for 3.8.9 
(http://issues.bestpractical.com/SelfService/Display.html?id=14582); has 
it been incorporated in git and the search issues sorted out?

If no one has this working already, I'll of course contribute a patch to 
the patch once I have a fix.

Ivan Kohler
Open-source billing, ticketing and provisioning
for ISPs, VoIP providers and online businesses

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