[Rt-devel] Continuing RTx-Calendar development

Ivan Kohler ivan-rt-devel at 420.am
Tue Jul 20 15:42:59 EDT 2010

Hello again RT devs,

Had a request from folks for calendaring features, so I picked up 
RTx-Calendar and made some (mostly visual) improvements.  Also added an 
option for a more traditional Sun->Sat week instead of Mon->Sun.

I put some before and after screenshots up at: 

Wondering if anyone else out there is interested in collaberating on 
continuing development of RTx-Calendar.  We could use my git server, 
github or perhaps Best Practical would host in their repository (it 
looks like they have imported it already).  I'm flexible; whatever works 
for other folks interested in working on this.

Some of the things I'm interested in working on in the future are 
prettying up the ticket popups, simplifying the UI for configuring 
what's shown on the calendar (maybe some options inline instead of 
returning to the query page), day/week/4 day/agenda views, and the 
ability to overlay multiple calendar results with color coding.

In our contact with the original author (Nicolas Churche) so far, he was 
not currently interested/able in working on the extension himself.  I've 
Cc:ed him here just in case that has changed or he has any input.

Ivan Kohler
Open-source billing, ticketing and provisioning
for ISPs, VoIP providers and online businesses

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