[Rt-devel] Connecting from one script to multiple RT

Emmanuel Lacour elacour at easter-eggs.com
Thu May 6 06:37:35 EDT 2010

Hi RT hackers,

I'm writing a script that should copy some RT objects from one RT to

For small set of objects, I can load them from first RT and save themin
memory, then use "RT->Config->Set(DatabaseHost..." and "RT::Init();" to
switch to the target and re-create objects on target.

But for a lot of objects, that will be too slow, and use too much
memory, so I would like to do thinks like:

my $SrcUser = RTSRC::User->new ...
my $DstUser = RTDST::User->new ...

any idea how to achieve this? I looked deep in perl object programming
but didn't found a solution (maybe not deep enough). I thought also on
doing a copy of the code and rename every RT:: to RTSrc::, but that's ugly and not
sure it will works.

if it's not possible, I will do sql on src and RTApi on target :(

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