[Rt-devel] Possible bug in Rt 3.8.7 SelfService ?

L B bertignac at gmail.com
Fri May 7 04:38:26 EDT 2010

Old problem, but still existing in my configuration.

I found that if I remove "UseSQLForACLChecks" option, it works. I see
in RT wiki that "this option is beta. In some cases it result in
performance improvements but some setups can not handle it".

I remember I enabled this option because when searching for tickets, I
had a results of for example 30 tickets with 8 on the first page, 4 in
the second page, 12 on the third etc... and this option returned the
good number of pages with the good number of tickets per page.

Do you have some details about the "setups that can not handle it" ?

I'm running 3.8.7 on RHEL with postgres 8.3


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