[Rt-devel] Associate and Attachment to a Transaction

Simone Sanna simone.sanna at tinet.net
Wed Nov 3 10:50:33 EDT 2010


I am trying to generate a transaction of defined type,  and an 
attachment associated to that transaction with code like the one shown 
below, which calls directly _NewTransaction for transactions and _Attach 
for attachments.
The attachment need to be a plain text comment, so will have a text 
Content and I should be able to define what the content is.
Sorry the code is just an example, really I don't know how to manage this.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Kind regards,

******* Code Begins*********

my $Ticket = new RT::Ticket($RT::SystemUser);

my $Transaction = new RT::Transaction($RT::SystemUser);
my ( $Trans, $TransMsg, $TransObj ) = $Ticket->_NewTransaction('Type' => 
'SMSOpenRecord', 'Data' => 'SMSOpenRecord', 'Content' => 'contenuto');
my ($id, $msg) = $Transaction->_Attach('MIMEObject' => 'text/html',  ??);

********Code Ends***********

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