[Rt-devel] RT 3.9.6 now available

Jesse Vincent jesse at bestpractical.com
Mon Nov 15 14:33:07 EST 2010

I'm pleased to announce the next development snapshot of what will
become RT 4.0.

RT 3.9.6 represents about 450 commits over 6 weeks since RT 3.9.4.  A
brief changelog follows, the full changelog can be found at:


You can download this snapshot at:


264e062d582739bfe14f211fcd680d2a91aeec58  rt-3.9.6.tar.gz
0cfe33e7c807d95a38aacb3867541e14c9446db9  rt-3.9.6.tar.gz.asc




- Optional full-text search support for Postgres, Oracle and MySQL (using Sphinx)
- Retooled rights management UI
- Retooled menuing system
- New UI theme "aileron" (will likely be the default in 4.0)
- HTTP Server infrastructure replaced with Plack for better compatiblity, maintainability, performance and consistency
    - standalone_httpd now lives in sbin
- Various UI cleanups
- Various performance improvements
- RT.pm is no longer generated. RT/Generated.pm now contains only the generated bits.
- Significant test suite performance improvement
- Small database schema improvements and cleanups
- Added support for Postgres 9.0


- Support for MySQL 4.0
- RT 3.4 and 3.5 themes

Development Tools

- Optional Logging of all queries generated per RT page load.

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