[Rt-devel] Advice sought on RT plugin development.

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Mon Nov 29 23:40:24 EST 2010

Fellow RT Devs,

I'm working on an RT plugin and running into some implementation challenges.

1. I'd like to dynamically add some components to the "RT at a glance"
preferences pane, but don't see any callbacks to do so.

2. Even if I could do 1. above, or just manually edit the RT_SiteConfig.pm
file, my components don't really exist. I would like to generate their
output dynamically from a dhandler, but /Elements/MyRT uses $m->comp, which
doesn't activate dhandlers.

Can anyone think of solutions to these problems? Clearly I could submit a
patch to add support in core RT for this but thought someone might suggest
another solution.


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