[Rt-devel] Time returned from Search

Simone Sanna simone.sanna at tinet.net
Wed Apr 6 10:45:26 EDT 2011

Hi List,

I have an RT 3.8.8 installation, I have patched my RT so to have date
customfield types, and created different customfields of date type.
Customfields values of this type are then converted to be shown as I expect
to see them, when represented in the display view.

Everything seems to work as expected but dashboards, which are based on
searches and  give me dates as they are in the database, has anyone
something to suggest in order to modify the query as to show dates in
accordance with my timezone? Or any other suggestion in order to have
correct view in the dashboard?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion or advice.

Kind regards.

Simone Sanna
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