[Rt-devel] RT 4.0.0rc5 Release

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Feb 16 09:29:13 EST 2011

This is primarily a bugfix release as we continue to test RT 4.0 and
prepare for a final release.  Feedback from users testing upgrades and
clean installs of the system are appreciated.

A changelog is available below.

You can download the release from


SHA1 sums

1260e639bd1f52988bae91a7fcf70b80a972b883  rt-4.0.0rc5.tar.gz
032c639424ef8cca06479b48d0762fee53e85a1f  rt-4.0.0rc5.tar.gz.sig


 * Moving a ticket out of a queue which requres OwnTicket to get ModifyTicket now works
 * Fix a compile bug in the mobile interface
 * Warnings cleanups and bugfixes for Lifecycles
 * Test fixes for extensions and for running in parallel
 * Fixes for systems that mix WebExternalAuth and internal auth
 * Handle upgrades where no database changes happen
 * Remove any use of 2 argument open()
 * JS fixes for checkboxes on ModifyPeople
 * Fix ticket creation for SelfService
 * Fix moving tickets to a Queue where you don't have have OwnTicket
 * Allow users without Comment|Correspond rights to view the ModifyPeople page
 * Improve text escaping in Rich Text Editor
 * New localizations and better propagation of errors in Query Builder
 * Fix Query Builder to retain Format and Search in links
 * Fix Query Builder to deal more gracefully with saved searches with broken syntax
 * generate-rtaddressregexp now checks all your queues and generates a better regexp
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