[Rt-devel] Problem with CF for Users

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Wed Feb 23 10:39:05 EST 2011

> > I'm not sure what changing Record's LimieCustomField would do to the
> > rest of RT without trying it and running the test suite.
> Wolfram added some line to /opt/rt3/lib/RT/SearchBuilder.pm on our 3.8.7
> RT.
> diff /opt/rt3/lib/RT/SearchBuilder.pm SearchBuilder.pm
> 262a263,268
> >     $self->Limit(
> > 	"ALIAS"      => $alias,
> > 	"FIELD"      => 'Disabled',
> > 	"OPERATOR"   => "=",
> > 	"VALUE"      => 0,
> >     );
> It seems that it works, but how can we use the test suite to be sure
> that all works fine?

You mean, how do you run the test suite?

RT's test suite assumes that it has a database server where it can
connect and create an rt3test database (or multiple databases if
you're running the test suite in parallel, but we'll ignore that).

So, you probably want a clean rt-3.8.9 directory with your patch
applied where you run:

./configure --enable-layout=inplace --with-db-host=yourtesthost
or possibly
./configure --enable-layout=inplace --with-db-type=SQLite
although I prefer testing on mysql or pg to sqlite, but it requires
more infrastructure tweaking.

then you run

RT_DBA_USER=userwhocancreatedb RT_DBA_PASSWORD=password make test

Isolating this from your production servers is highly recommended,
although you should have to work really hard to get it to clobber your
actual rt3 database.

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