[Rt-devel] Open Source software company seeks Perl hacker for mutually beneficial relationship

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Thu Jun 16 18:07:34 EDT 2011

### About us

We're Best Practical Solutions, a small software company located in
Somerville, MA. We build software and sell support, training,
consulting, and custom development. Our main product, RT (Request
Tracker), is the premiere open source issue tracking system. We've been
around since the fall of 2001 and are entirely self-funded. We're
currently hard at work on our next new product. Things just keep getting

### About the job

We're looking for a Perl hacker to help us enhance and refine
our products, and help us be excellent to our customers. You'll be
responsible for everything from implementing new features across all our
products to testing and applying user-contributed patches to our
released software.  In a typical week, you'll probably spend about half
your time working on customer projects and half working on internal and
open source projects.

The hours are flexible and we all telecommute some of the time...though
we work from our office in the heart of Davis Sq, Somerville, most days.
We do just about EVERYTHING online and on the phone. You should be
comfortable using email and instant messaging systems to collaborate and
get work done.

### About you

You should be a self-starter who has some experience with Perl, as well
as a bit of experience with at least a few of the following:

 * Open source development practices
 * Distributed source control
 * Test driven development
 * User interface design
 * Documentation
 * Javascript
 * SQL databases
 * Optimization, profiling, and debugging
 * UNIX systems administration

It's okay if you don't know everything out of the gate, but you should be
able to learn on the fly and be comfortable asking questions when you
get in over your head. RT is a large codebase to dive into, so you
should be prepared to work with a project that's too big to hold in your
head at once. If you want to see what sort of trouble you're getting
yourself into, you can find all of our open source code
on github http://github.com/bestpractical/.

We're a small company and the boss is typically overextended. You
should be comfortable working both independently and in small teams,
prioritizing tasks on your own, and juggling tasks and projects.

### Compensation

DOE - This is a full-time salaried position, but the details are
negotiable. We're a small, self funded company. The standard benefits
apply, of course: health insurance, dental insurance, and junk food to
make that dental insurance worthwhile.

### How to apply

Send something approximating a cover letter, and a resume in plain text,
HTML or PDF, and a sample of some code you've written to
resumes at bestpractical.com. If you're involved in open source development
of one kind or another, please tell us about it. If you have a CPAN ID,
tell us what it is. We won't consider applications without a code
sample. We'll be paying particular attention to the readability,
comments and tests.
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