[Rt-devel] Issue with missing themes when moving to RT4

Jim.H.Berry at frb.gov Jim.H.Berry at frb.gov
Tue Sep 13 11:44:05 EDT 2011


We are slowly moving from 3.8 to 4.0.2, and noticed a problem for our 
staff who use themes which do not exist in RT4.   After we converted the 
database to v4, they could not login to RT and would only see: "..could 
not find component for path '/NoAuth/css/3.4-compat/main.css' ..." 

I created symbolic links from /NoAuth/css/web2 to the missing themes 
(3.4-compat and 3.5-default). Now our users can login and change to one of 
the supported rt4 themes.   Not ideal, but easy and effective.  Please let 
me know if this was the wrong thing to do.

Not clear if It is worth checking in Elements/Header to see if the user's 
theme does not exist and then try to fall back to the System Default. 

This issue might be worth a line in the docs/UPGRADING-4.0 file.

Jim Berry
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