[rt-devel] Listing logged-in users

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Mon Dec 10 07:35:31 EST 2012

Am 10.12.2012 13:11, schrieb Michele Bergonzoni:
>> Why don't you just set the AutoLogoff value in RT_SiteConfig.pm and
>> setup a cronjob for sbin/rt-clean-sessions and then create an element
>> 'active sessions' that loads the sessions.
> Thank you for your suggestion. This is a different way to solve the same
> problem and I am not sure about which one I prefer. Showing the sessions
> in the DB was my first attempt (I could not find a way to do that with
> the API, so I got them with SQL, then "tie", not a pleasant sight).
> In my installation, if a person keeps using RT to update a ticket with
> new details, but never looks back at the homepage (which is the way
> people here learn about new tickets to take ownership of), I don't want
> that person listed in the box. That's because the reason I am doing this
> is to let people know who is looking at the list of new tickets in order
> to service them. For me, having the session active and making a request
> to RT is not enough.

Ok this is an very special need. I thought you want to have a "Logged in
user" list which I also thought about implementing this in our RT.

> Besides, setting AutoLogoff is good for security, but as such can be
> annoying if that security is not needed.
> Anyway, if someone stays in the home page with the autorefresh and
> simply walks away, he will show up in my box as well as in your
> suggested box.

After the AutoLogoff time the user wouldn't be in my list as the
Homepage request doesn't update the session LastUpdated value (if you
also have an cronjob running sbin/rt-clean-sessions).
This was the reason for me to add an AutoLogoff value as my user set the
HomepageRefreshInterval to 2 minutes and then leave the office on
Fridays logged in to my RT and I was wondering about the DB load on

>> Maybe this solution have a chance to go into RT core code as it isn't an
>> assumption or a lie ;-)
> I can change the title to "Who had this page sent to a browser, maybe
> displayed on a monitor, and possibly seen (last 5 min)".
> Regards,
>                 Bergonz

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