[rt-devel] Chrome rendering problem: text boxes (and textareas + the rich text editor) overflow

Ivan Kohler ivan-rt-devel at freeside.biz
Mon Jul 2 19:40:30 EDT 2012

Recently upgraded our server to RT 4 in anticipation of upgrading our 
customer installs, and I'm seeing some UI glitches in Chrome.  Screenshot:

To duplicate: pull up the ticket creation or reply/comment page in 
Chrome.  If the boxes input appear okay at first, resize the browser 
window to be very narrow, then make it wider slowly until you see the 
problem.  I'm also getting reports that the initial rending is showing 
the problem (perhaps the OS or window manager does an implicit resize?).

Reproduced in Chromium 20 on Debian and Chrome 20 on Windows XP.

I messed with this for a while, but my CSS-fu is woefully lacking, and I 
don't appear to be any closer to a solution than when I started.  
Throwing this out there to see if anyone else has ideas on how to fix.

(Current workaround is to disable the two-column layout for Chrome users.)

Ivan Kohler
President and Head Geek, Freeside Internet Services, Inc.  http://freeside.biz/
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