[rt-devel] rt-validator --check on upgrade from 4.8.14 to 4.0.7

Henti Smith henti at geekware.co.za
Tue Oct 2 05:06:56 EDT 2012

Good day all.

I'm busy upgrading a large RT instance (63701.5MB) from version 4.8.14
to 4.0.7.

As part of the upgrading documentation is this section :

"Unique names are now enforced for user defined groups.  New groups
cannot be created with a duplicate name and existing groups cannot be
renamed to an in-use name.  The admin interface will warn about
existing groups with duplicate names.  Although the groups will still
function, some parts of the interface (rights management, subgroup
membership) may not work as expected with duplicate names.  Running

    /opt/rt4/sbin/rt-validator --check

will report duplicate group names, and running it with --resolve will
fix duplicates by appending the group id to the name."

The query "SELECT s.id, s.id FROM Tickets s LEFT JOIN Groups t ON
(s.id = t.Instance) AND ( t.Domain = 'RT::Ticket-Role' ) WHERE t.id IS
NULL AND s.id IS NOT NULL" has now been running for 424101 seconds
(117 hours) and still going.

The tables sizes are :

Tickets : 1121969
Groups : 4558465

Since it's a single thread it's using only one CPU on the 2 CPU
machine. and memory is not having any impact (1150MB of 4096MB used)

The question is where to from here.

* Is there a way to archive tickets but still have them accessible and
searchable to speed this up? extension maybe ?
* Is there a way to speed up the query ?

any other suggestions or things I'm overlooking ?


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