[rt-devel] undocumented change for owner change transaction type in RT 4.0

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Thu Sep 27 09:32:34 EDT 2012


just done the upgrade from 3.8.13 to 4.0.7 and noticed an change in the
owner change transaction types which isn't documented in docs/UPGRADING-4.0.

In versions before 4.0 owner change transactions had the types Take,
Give, Steal or Force.
With 4.0 the transaction type is always Set.
See: https://github.com/bestpractical/rt/commit/3dcca451

As user could used the old transaction types within their scrips and
these scrips wouldn’t work any more in 4.0 I think there should be an
note in docs/UPGRADING-4.0 about that.

You should also think about update the transactions of type Take, Give,
Steal and Force to Set so that owner change transactions pre 4.0 and
post 4.0 have an consistent transaction type.
If you do so you can also remove the code for the old transaction types
in RT::Transaction::%_BriefDescriptions


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