[rt-devel] RT 4.0.14rc2 Available

Kevin Falcone falcone at bestpractical.com
Mon Jul 22 16:01:50 EDT 2013

RT 4.0.14rc2 is now available for testing.


SHA1 sums
c061d42244fab673976785216f6ca20b10aafe9f  rt-4.0.14rc2.tar.gz
adf5982fae95b8b5e8063221349886dd9392c18e  rt-4.0.14rc2.tar.gz.sig

This release fixes a bug in the bin/rt command-line client which
prevented bin/rt from being able to create tickets with any earlier
release of RT.

Unless there are further regressions reported, I expect 4.0.14 to ship
later this week.

A complete changelog is available from git by running:
    git log rt-4.0.13..rt-4.0.14rc2
or visiting
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