[rt-devel] Callbacks - Hiding custom fields

Martin Wheldon martin.wheldon at greenhills-it.co.uk
Wed May 1 15:39:38 EDT 2013


I've added a new item to the RT ticket menu bar along with the relevant 
page when you click the link so
the menu bar looks as follows:

Display History Basics Outcome People ...

This all works fine, the new Outcome page is based on the Modify.html 
in which there is a callback

# Now let callbacks have a chance at editing %ARGS
$m->callback( TicketObj => $TicketObj, CustomFields => $CustomFields, 
ARGSRef => \%ARGS );

I have written a boiler plate callback which is being called, however 
my question is how do I massage the
customfields in the callback to hide some of them from the user?

I'm using RT 4.0.11 by the way.

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