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Robert Nesius nesius at gmail.com
Wed Oct 30 21:54:56 EDT 2013

On Wed, Oct 30, 2013 at 8:43 PM, CLOSE Dave
<Dave.Close at us.thalesgroup.com>wrote:

> Robert Nesius wrote:
> > Are you using the system perl?   If so, I'd try installing the
> > version of perl that was on your old machine with perlbrew, update
> > its modules as necessary, and have RT run over that perl.
> Yes, I am using the system Perl. I suspect your idea is exactly what I
> was missing. Thanks.

You're welcome.

> Surprisingly, at least to me, I hadn't heard of perlbrew. I think that's
> a great idea and I'm getting it installed now. But since RT doesn't run
> as an "application" but simply as a series of Apache pages and CGI
> scripts, I'm wondering how to get it to use the older Perl. I don't want
> Apache to use the old version for other pages. Any ideas?

I have apache invoke RT via fastcgi.  Somewhere in the fastcgi/apache2
configs I define which perl to use I think.

I generally avoid using modperl because perl-based web-apps don't always
agree on what they want in their perl environment.  That also starts to
brush into similar config-issues as what you're experiencing with perl.  If
you use your distro's apache2 then chances are your modperl is running
against the system perlenv as well.  It's possible to provision your own
modperl built against your own perl and configure the distro-provided
apache2 to use it.  I actually did that once and found it to be a bit of a
hassle.  I've found using the distro-provided apache2 and provisioning my
own perls to be the best compromise between stability and convenience.

It's been awhile since I set up my RT env but I can dig in the configs
tomorrow if you still need a hand.

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