[rt-devel] Excessive Query Execution

Jeremy Gude jeremy at umbc.edu
Fri Jan 24 15:34:35 EST 2014

We have an RT 4 system with a query that executes 90,000+ an hour,
accounting for approximately 25% of database time.  The query is below:

SELECT * FROM ( SELECT limitquery.*,rownum limitrownum FROM ( SELECT
Groups.id  FROM Groups, Principals, CachedGroupMembers WHERE
Principals.Disabled = :"SYS_B_00" AND CachedGroupMembers.Disabled =
:"SYS_B_01" AND Principals.id = Groups.id AND Principals.PrincipalType =
:"SYS_B_02" AND Principals.id = CachedGroupMembers.GroupId AND
CachedGroupMembers.MemberId = :"SYS_B_03" AND (Groups.Type = :"SYS_B_04" OR
Groups.Type = :"SYS_B_05") AND ((Groups.Domain = :"SYS_B_06" AND
Groups.Instance = :"SYS_B_07") OR (Groups.Domain = :"SYS_B_08" AND
Groups.Instance = :"SYS_B_09")) ) limitquery WHERE rownum <= :"SYS_B_10" )
WHERE limitrownum >= :"SYS_B_11"

Any idea what option is turned on causing this to run so often?  Is it




Jeremy Gude
Database / Peoplesoft Administrator
UMBC Division of Information Technology
Business Systems Group
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