[rt-devel] Patch to add aria labels to SelectionBox arrow buttons

Keith Creasy kcreasy at aph.org
Thu Jul 3 12:17:59 EDT 2014

Hi Kevin.

Unfortunately I'm sort of swamped right now. My plan is to grep the source files for those arrow chars and hopefully get them all.

If you want to pull out the ones I have in there and let me submit the rest in a week or so that would be fine. It does make sense to try and get them all in one pass.


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On Thu, Jul 03, 2014 at 02:42:42PM +0000, Keith Creasy wrote:
> I'm not sure how the executable bits got in there. I'll watch for that in the future.

Luckily we have tests that fail when you add them, so it's easy to catch.

> I just noticed some other unlabeled buttons, this time in the widget 
> where you edit columns included in a search. I'll fix that for us and 
> can send a patch for that as well if you like.

If you have something handy/fast, I can add it to the end of the branch I was about to merge, otherwise it'll likely need to wait until next week and probably miss 4.2.6.  I'd prefer to lump these changes into the same branch if possible though.


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