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Guadagnino Cristiano guadagnino.cristiano at creval.it
Thu Jun 12 04:49:06 EDT 2014

Bart wrote:
Hi everyone,

This question pops up every now and then, something I hear from our users and something I see in the mailing lists. The wish for rich text custom fields which can be used in the Articles.

For our users I've created this feature by converting the Wiki Text Custom Field into a Rich Text Custom Field. I've picked this specific CF since our users are kinda lazy and don't want to learn the wiki markup..... (they are spoiled)

Below you can find a link to my blog where I've documented how you can apply this change, which seems to work just fine with the latest releases (though 4.2.4 has an issue, which can easilly be fixed):

  *   http://pleh.info/blog/2014-06-12/rt_-_rich_text_custom_fields

This specific issue is now fixed for our users, so all is good there.

Though I do have two questions for the lists:

  1.  What are your thoughts on this "hack" in particular? (am I doing this the right way, am I overlooking something, etc.).
  2.  Should this custom field type be included into RT core? (not saying to replace wiki text, but creating a new CF for rich text)


Bart, this is something I have always wanted.

I find RT is really lacking some polish when it comes to articles. Even if one wants to learn the wiki markup, it still is difficult to use and incomplete.
I'd like for RT to use some more well-established wiki engine, with more markup and a full-fledged formatting toolbar.

Your solution is quite brilliant, although - being the one that supports our local RT installation - I am a little scared about using non standard components that needs to be maintained through updates.

Thank you for your contribution!
Mind publishing it on Wikia?


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