[rt-devel] Making a custom field read-only

Rhys Hanrahan rhys at nexusone.com.au
Mon Mar 3 15:18:54 EST 2014

Yes of course! Sorry, I typically have only posted about scrips and other code changes in the past, so it completely skipped my mind to post to the users list. Will do.

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From: Wallace Reis [wreis at bestpractical.com]
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From: Rhys Hanrahan rhys at nexusone.com.au
> Does anyone have any pointers?


You could query the rt-users list archive[1], and in case you don’t find anything helpful then send an email to that list instead. The rt-devel list is for discussion of modifying RT's codebase yourself or deep technical discussions about RT.

[1] http://lists.bestpractical.com/pipermail/rt-users/


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