[rt-devel] CustomFieldGroupings

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Fri Nov 21 02:34:29 EST 2014


is it really intended that CustomFieldGroupings don't respect the CF
name case [1]?

* create CF "name"
* create CF "NAME"
* put this in RT_Site_Config.pm:
Set(%CustomFieldGroupings, 'RT::Ticket' => [ 'Test' => ['name'] ]);

The result is that both CF's appear in the "Test" grouping, which is
maybe not what the admin wanted.

I think it isn't the best way to use the CF name as identifier for
CustomFieldGroupings. Except the above example, it is currently not
possible to have two CF's with the same name and put only one of them in
a CustomFieldGrouping.

A better way would be to use the CF id as the identifier.
This also would have the benefit that CF name changes wouldn't affect
the CustomFieldGroupings. Maybe this would be also better for sites with
many CF's as RT::CustomFields->LimitToGrouping() would limit on the id
instead of the (not indexed) name column.



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