[rt-devel] External custom fields - use of description value

Ben Kelly ben at benjii.net
Sun Oct 26 15:08:28 EDT 2014


We are using a custom field in our RT environment with an external source
to obtain selectable values. Our code is based on the documentation here:
We are providing both the 'name' and 'description' in the returned result.
We are using the custom field in our tickets.

We wish to have the 'description' field provided by our external source
displayed in the select element on the ticket form and the 'name' field
stored in the database, however only the name field is being displayed.

Is it possible to show the description field in the select box and store
the name field in the database if it is selected? Or is this working as

Also, what is the purpose of providing a description field at all? I can
not find any other mention of this field in the documentation.

Appreciate any help or advice you could send my way.

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