[rt-devel] RT 4.2.7: application/octet-stream

Brian McNally bmcnally at uw.edu
Thu Sep 25 16:46:38 EDT 2014

Hi Alex,

1. We get the same behavior on correspondence and comments, via the web 
or email. I've tested using Chrome 35, Iceweasel 31, Icedove 24.5, and 
mutt on Linux; Chrome and Apple Mail on OSX.

2. I get the same behavior on ticket creation. The actual ticket gets 
created but with content that isn't rendered. So, I get a ticket number 
and can view the ticket metadata but not the contents if the contents 
contain whatever offending character(s) it's failing on. I don't 
currently use the quick ticket creation widget but could if you want me 
to test that. All of my tickets are created via "New ticket in -> Queue" 
or via email.

Brian McNally

> I can't replicate this with Postgres 9.3.5 and DBD::Pg 3.4.1.  You'll
> need to provide more details about:
>   1. What browser you're using, and how you're pasting -- this smells
> like a failure in what the browser is submitting.  Chrome, and both the
> X paste buffer and the Gnome paste buffer work fine for me.
>   2. You say "in to a comment on any ticket".  Does it only fail with
> comments, and not correspondence?  Does it fail on ticket creation?
> What about quick ticket creation, from the form on the RT homepage?
>   - Alex

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