[rt-devel] DefaultCustomFieldValue in RT 4.2.11

Christian Loos cloos at netcologne.de
Thu Nov 19 03:17:22 EST 2015

Hi Andre,

I would create a scrip:

Condition: On Create
Action: User defined
Template: Blank
Custom action preparation code: return 1;
Custom action commit code:

    Field => 'custom field id or name'
    Value => 'the default value'

This will work if you don't have many queues and custom fields where you
want to set a default value.

As Matt Zagrabelny already noted, RT 4.4 will have the ability to define
custom field default values per queue.
So this scrip would be only a temporary solution until you upgrade to RT
4.4 (which isn't released yet, but RC1 is available).


Am 18.11.2015 um 11:13 schrieb Andre.Schmelzer at t-systems.com:
> Dear members of this mailing list,
> since an upgrade from RT 3.8.8 to 4.2.11 our mechanism to set specific
> values for custom fields on creation of tickets is no longer working.
> I was wondering how this can be achieved with the latter RT. Found this
> WIKI article:
> _http://requesttracker.wikia.com/wiki/DefaultCustomFieldValue_ (and others).
> But to be honest, I do not really understand how this is supposed to work.
> Creating the Callback, okay, I get that. But then:
> “/Second, you need to go to the custom fields values class, and add the
> method that will return the default value./”
> Which one is the custom fields values class?
> And even after the second code snippet (example) I don’t get it.
> Then the author of this article goes ahead, but his explanations are not
> really helpful, at least not for me.
> Even if this should work somehow in a magic way, how does one specify
> the default value for a certain custom field?
> In the past we had a mechanism to write ‘default’ in the custom field
> description, and this value was preselected when creating a ticket.
> This was implemented in 3.8.8 in
> /var/www/html/rt/local/html/Elements/EditCustomFieldSelect but the
> changes compared to the code in 4.2.11 are huge and unfortunately I am
> not really comfortable with Perl ...
> So any advice would be highly appreciated, thanks & Cheers
> André.

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