[rt-devel] Does ExternalStorage actually move images to disk?

Alexander B. Zubkov info at zubkov.info
Wed Nov 25 05:04:27 EST 2015

On 25/11/15 10:37, Christian Loos wrote:
> A better solution to force an extraction run on all attachments is to 
> run this inside your Database: delete from Attributes where Name = 
> 'ExternalStorage'; This actually removes the "high water mark". @shawn 
> May the script should become an "force-re-run" option which removes 
> the Attribute? Chris 
Thanks, this helped. I patched the plugin to extract images always and 
text never and got exactly what I wanted, great!

BTW maybe nobody ever had a 10Mb text, but if text/html attachment is 
extracted somehow, RT is unable to open it, error was: "unknown encoding 
external". If some implementation is missing, maybe you should not 
extract text?

A forced rerun only make sense if image size is configurable, otherwise 
the plugin always works correct with hardcoded settings.

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