[rt-devel] Modying "Users" admin page

Shea Alterio Shea at forcedexposure.com
Fri Oct 9 17:44:18 EDT 2015

Hey there all,

We are running Request Tracker 4.2.12. It's running great but there is one thing we'd like to change about it. When you go to Admin -> Users, the default behavior is to only show Privileged users. You can see non-privileged users if you specifically search for their name, but what we need is a way to see every user with an account when we go to the /Admin/Users page.

I tried messing with the     $users->LimitToPrivileged; setting in /Admin/Users/index.html but that didn't do anything.

If anyone has ideas on what to change to achieve this, please let me know :)


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