[rt-devel] RT::Extension::ExternalStorage

Emmanuel Manganneau emanganneau at easter-eggs.com
Wed Sep 2 04:27:04 EDT 2015

Le 01/09/2015 12:23, Alex Vandiver a écrit :
> It has also been merged into core for 4.4.  If you have improvements
> in this area, I'm sure they would be appreciated.

Before I begin to submit code (or throw away what I did), I would like 
to share my thoughts. I am sorry if those questions have already been 
discussed !

- 1st : every file transmitted is loaded in RAM before any storage; when 
sending files, you also must load the file into RAM;
- 2nd : the files are, imho, objects. In case of external storage, this 
is more "true" (limits of my english...)

Preventing storage failure is a good thing, as preventing the system to 
go out of RAM.

This, plus the 2nd question, leaded me to create a new object (called 
Document) which represents files. The files are linked to other 
classical objects in RT via Link objects (type "AttachedTo" or 

This supposed to change :
- the way files are uploaded
- the way file content is fetched

The changes were quite simple : if a link of type "AttachedTo" exists, 
send Document->content, else send (Content|LargeContent) as usual. The 
number of files impacted was rather low (3).

I was feeling that I was respecting RT spirit, but I am not so sure by 
now !

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