[rt-devel] inplace development environment setup issue

Alex Vandiver alex at chmrr.net
Fri Aug 5 12:05:51 EDT 2016

On Fri, 5 Aug 2016 00:57:09 -0700
Sam Hanes <sam at maltera.com> wrote:
> I'm on Debian Unstable with Perl 5.22.2-3, into which Debian has indeed
> backported the patches for CVE-2016-1238.
> However, I have ExtUtils::Command::MM 7.04_01, which should include the
> commit you referenced.

Interesting -- I'm not sure how you're getting a relative path in @INC,
then.  Regardless, though, the commit is probably the right fix.

> > I can replicate this if I run the test with "perl -Ilib t/99-policy.t"
> > and explicitly strip "." from @INC.
> >
> > I've pushed 4.0/dotless-inc-path [3], which addresses the issue.  I
> > believe this only affects installs with --layout=inplace (which are used
> > almost exclusively for tests), as all other installs already provide a
> > fully qualified path to `include`.
> >
> > You can work around this by cherry-picking that patch onto master.
> Cherry-picking `4.0/dotless-inc-path` (0c628220bf8d) onto `master`
> (9c9cedebbb63) did indeed fix the issues in `99-policy.t` as well as all
> of the 'plaintext'-related tests. Thanks!
> Is `4.0/dotless-inc-path` expected to land on `master` any time soon?

Commits get reviewed and merged into their respective trunk
(4.0/dotless-inc-path into 4.0-trunk), than the trunks are occasionally
merged up (4.0-trunk -> 4.2-trunk -> 4.4-trunk -> master) to pick up
fixes that were also relevant to earlier releases.

> Now only `web/cf_groupings.t` and `web/install.t` remain failing; the
> failures are identical to the original report.

t/web/cf_groupings.t failures are fixed by 4.2/mojo-text (a recent
module that broke back-compat).

The installer error looks like it's 500'ing when attempting to connect
to the database; my suspicion is an incompatibility with MariaDB, since
historically RT is tested on MySQL. I'd try running `./sbin/rt-server
--port 8888`, stepping through the installer steps via your browser at
`localhost:8888`, and seeing what errors pop up on the console after
the database connectivity step.

 - Alex

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