[rt-devel] RT 4.4.0rc3 released - msgid's missing from .po files

Kádár Attila atus at mithrandir.hu
Fri Jan 22 09:51:03 EST 2016

Hello Everybody!

Here comes the missing msgid's I found today:

msgid "Requestor.EmailAddress"
msgid "AdminCc.EmailAddress"
msgid "Cc.EmailAddress"
msgid "My searches"
msgid "'s searches"
msgid "All Custom Fields"
msgid "On TimeWorked Change"
msgid "Require Due set according to SLA"
msgid "Require Starts set according to SLA"
msgid "On SetStarted Open Ticket"
msgid "Set due date according to SLA"
msgid "Set starts date according to SLA"
msgid "Update Parent TimeWorked"
msgid "Update User TimeWorked"
msgid "Reset Custom Field Values to Default"
msgid "Default Values"
msgid "Default Values for queue %1"
msgid "Could not load custom role #%1"
msgid "Cannot modify objects of disabled custom role #%1"
msgid "Select a Custom Role"
msgid "Custom role created"
msgid "Couldn't load custom role '%1'"
msgid "Create a custom role"
msgid "Custom Roles"
msgid "Custom role enabled"
msgid "Custom role disabled"
msgid "Manage custom roles"
msgid "Custom role is not added"
msgid "Include disabled custom roles in listing."
msgid "Select a custom role"
msgid "No custom roles matching search criteria found."
msgid "Enabled (Unchecking this box disables this custom role)"
msgid "Role Name"
msgid "Entry Hint"
msgid "Multiple users (Unchecking this box limits this role to a single 
user. This cannot be modified after creation)"


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