[rt-devel] RT-Extension-Assets-Import-CSV

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Thu Jan 28 06:16:39 EST 2016

I'm working on a plan to upgrade our rt to the latest and greatest and
wanted to use this extension to import an bunch of old assets.
I've discovered that it hasn't been upgraded to be compatible with
rt-4.4rc3. Since RTxAssets is in core RT now and thus the tables have
been renamed from rtxassets/rtxcatalogs to assets/catalog and thus the
extension doesn't work anymore because it uses the old tables names.
Looking at the source suggests that a search and replace might be enough
to get things working again, that is if the column names haven't been
changed too. Didn't look at that yet.
See: https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=111474



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