[rt-devel] API call to get "Created" value of history replies of all tickets

Andrii Iudin andrii at ebi.ac.uk
Tue Jul 26 05:24:00 EDT 2016

Dear Alex,

Many thanks for looking into this request and suggesting several 
solutions! It looks to me that "Told" field should do it, if not - we 
will try the rest of your suggestions.

Best regards,

On 26/07/2016 07:45, Alex Vandiver wrote:
> On Mon, 25 Jul 2016 16:51:17 +0100
> Andrii Iudin <andrii at ebi.ac.uk> wrote:
>> However, since this has to be done for all the depositions' unresolved
>> tickets, the loading of the page with the deposition list can take a
>> long time (each API call is about 200 ms or more). Please could you tell
>> if there is a query available to get the history for all the tickets in
>> the queue in one go? We can then parse the result to obtain the
>> necessary last reply times. Or is there a better way available to see
>> the time of the last reply to the ticket, the email and whether it is a
>> comment or not?
> The time of last reply to the requestor is stored in the "Told"
> field.  If you need more than that, you'll need to denormalize the
> information by putting it into custom fields (updated via scrips), which
> you can then query all at once using the /REST/1.0/search/ticket
> endpoint and setting your "fields" to contain those CFs.
> Alternately, you could write your own endpoint entirely.  That may also
> still require denormalizing the data, as walking the transaction
> history is unlikely to be performant, no matter how you slice it.
>   - Alex
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