[rt-devel] Concerning RT-Extension-Draft

Joop jvdwege at xs4all.nl
Tue Mar 29 14:54:50 EDT 2016

On 29-3-2016 16:43, Emmanuel Lacour wrote:
> Le 27/03/2016 22:47, Joop a écrit :
>> @Emmanuel
>> If I'm correct the above mentioned extension is yours and I'm having a
>> hardtime to get it to work with 4.4.
>> I think the loading part is somehow broken because I see the entry in
>> the attributes table if I save a draft but I never seem to be able to
>> load it explicitly or by displaying the ticket or better by replying to
>> it I never get a Load Draft button.
>> Been adding debugging statements but can't find it.
>> Any chance you have time to look at it?
> I Joop, I didn't had time to try it on 4.4 (not yet deployed RT 4.4 ;)).
> I'will try it very soon, can you fill a bug report on rt.cpan.org?
OK, I will. What do you want me to report in it?

Just for reference I think I may have pinpointed it. The following is in
AfterMessageBox and it seems that if the Save Draft button is used the
transaction ends up in the Attributes table but its never read back. So
going back to Reply/Comment will never display the Load Draft button. It
always seems to start from scratch.
$Draft->LoadByNameAndObject( Object => $session{'CurrentUser'}, Name =>
'Draft-'.$Ticket->id );
That causes an error/warning in Attribute.pm (line 104/114) about type
and name.
Thats how far I got yesterday. rt-4.0.xx does work. I don't have a
4.2.xx install but could do a test install to verify whether it works there.


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