[rt-users] "Final priority" and full-text transaction search

Rich Graves rcgraves at brandeis.edu
Thu Apr 20 15:11:33 EDT 2000

On Thu, 20 Apr 2000, Jesse wrote:

> Basically final priority is for the as-yet-unwritten
> reprioritizer script that will raise or lower priority toward the final
> priority as the due date approaches.

OK, I'll either write the script or commment the whole thing out of the
web interface.

Basically you want something like

mysql <<EOF;
use request_tracker;
# 1209600 seconds is two weeks
update each_req set priority = priority + 1 
  where priority < final_priority
  and (
      (UNIX_TIMESTAMP() - date_created > 1209600)
      or (date_due - UNIX_TIMESTAMP() < 1209600)

which you could "just do" out of cron I suppose...

> > Anyway, I'm hacking together full-text search for RT 1.0 (CVS) by wrapping
> > WWW::Search around htdig. Another search engine would do, but htdig is
> Interesting. My one concern is that this allows searching of tickets a user
> might not have access to.

I'm working on that. It'll use the same access control code as the queue
display. It looks like this will need to be hacked into the rtsearch
script, since it's not taint/strict-clean enough to put in the base
WWW::Search::RTSearch module.
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