[rt-users] RT Mail command interface

Stephen Hauskins stephen at mendel.ucsc.edu
Tue Apr 25 21:26:23 EDT 2000

> 1) The question I was able to figure out was a bug in 
> rt/lib/ui/mail/manipulate.pm in the "SET due" handler. The function 
> call
>    ($trans, $message)=
>        &rt::change_due_date($serial_no, $date_due, $current_user);

I just look at my manipulate.pm file and it says:

          ($trans,$message)=&rt::change_date_due($serial_num, $date_due, $curren

I am confused about your "change_due_date" vs my "change_date_due"

It seems this is a very easy mistake ;-)

> is wrong. The second argument should be "$due_date", not "$date_due". 
> Simple enough error, but I won't divulge how long I spent looking for 
> it! I hope this saves someone else some time.

Well how long it took you is not really that important. You did it!
Plus this is free software and a very good package.  Your find about
reverse of variable name is good.

> 2) The mail interface related question I haven't really delved into:
> When using the mail interface, a bunch of bogus and empty "comments" 

Like?  What are they? Examples?

> get generated. Has anybody hacked together something to suppress 
> comments from being generated for messages that have %RT commands 
> embedded in them?
> Thanks for any pointers.
> --- Eric
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