[rt-users] RT on RedHat 6.2?

Paul Reilly pareilly at tcd.ie
Thu Apr 27 11:49:06 EDT 2000

Can anyone shed any light on why this might be happening?

RH Linux 6.2 2.2.14 kernel
Removed pre-installed perl 

Compiled perl 5.005_03 from source and installed in to /local/perl
Then installed the following in this order:

MySQL			compiles, test, and installs & works ok!
Data_Dumper 		( 2.101 already installed by perl 5.005_03 )
DBI	 		compiles, tests and installs ok
Data-Show_Table 	compiles, tests and installs ok
Msql-mysql-modules 	compiles okay but fails tests:

	t/akmisc............FAILED test 44
	t/mysql.............FAILED test 23

Any ideas why these tests are failing?

The mysql-modules notes mention one problem with shared versions of
libmysqlclient on linux, but I don't get that problem. The mysql lib files
are in /usr/local/mysql/lib/mysql which is in the LIBDIR in etc/ld.so.conf

Any help appreciated!


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