[rt-users] Double spacing on response mails

Feargal Reilly feargal at thecia.ie
Thu Apr 27 21:15:34 EDT 2000

Reached ticket number 1000 recently... :)

Here's my problem though:

I've a html form which sends a request to RT upon submission.
The RT owner then reviews the request, and uses the comment function, for
that ticket, to forward the mail to a third party. The mail is a template which
the third party uses to work from.

The third party has been complaining that the templates are double spaced.
I've looked at the transaction files, and discovered a discrepancy.

The original request content is perfectly formatted, with no double spacing.
The comment content however, has a ^M at the end of each line.
I'm thinking that the following is happening:
 - When one clicks comment, the original comment is displayed in a textarea.
 - Once submit is clicked, a ^M is added to each line by the browser, before
being processed by RT. 
 -  Then, when the third party reads it, presumably on Windoze, the double
spacing appears.

Does this sound plausible? Or is RT/sendmail adding the ^M?

If it is the browser, any suggestions for a fix? Create my own "Send so Windoze
readers are happy" button to go alongside the comment & reply ones?


Feargal Reilly,
Systems Administrator,
The CIA.
Phone: +353-86-8157621

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